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Lose weight with better than hypnosis (Hypnotherapy) in Nottingham

Help with losing weight or dieting can be made much easier, ( it should be made clear this is better than hypnosis and is not a diet or a weight loss plan. It might be better understood as the bit that makes any diet or weight loss possible, the bit behind successful weight loss )  While many people spend time going from diet to diet, perhaps telling themselves “this is the one” or just hoping “this new diet” will  make it somehow easier to lose weight or hold the secret to make dieting easier. ( perhaps with not actually losing much weight ?) diets which promise to “burn calories quicker” “suppress appetite” or “help you stop comfort eating” and “become body confident” “lose the weight and feel great” weight loss diets like the Adkins or cabbage diet and even weight loss plans of the weight watchers or slimming world type. Each one suggesting they have the secret or the right way to better weight loss….but  the real secret to dieting and weight loss, simply depends on the state of mind your in ?  the state of mind you have toward weight loss!

( because the way you think is much more important than the “things” you think about )

One of the common weight lose plans out there is of the weight watchers, slimming world type which force people to count ever calorie of everything they eat, so you have to think about food nearly all of the time to not eat the wrong things which suits some people but it does take effort! … yet its long been understood the less attention we give to things the less effect they have on us and the more choice you have.

So if you stop for a moment and had to describe your current relationship with food how would you describe it ? perhaps like a friend, a source of comfort ? or is it like a work college, someone your OK with because its necessary, its just business?  or is it more like having a boss, someone you give in to quite easily? you just don’t like to say no to? ….Because one of the things this program will help you do is  have a better unconscious relationship with food (unconscious meaning you wouldn’t have to think about it so much, it would just become the natural way for you to lose weight )

 So whatever type of relationship you’ve had with food, it ought to become one that allows and supports your decision to lose weight and amongst other things turn short term comfort in to long term confidence !

People who use better than hypnosis find they can

1.  Develop a straight forward, no nonsense attitude toward weight lose.

2.  And decide how much weight they want to lose ? (realistically)

3.  and how long it will take ? (realistically) then set a date to lose that weight.

4.  Then after the date you’ve decided on and with whatever weight lost, adjust what you do to simply maintain the weight lost. Which should be less of a diet and more of a healthy life style, simply a way to maintain the weight loss. ( one woman said she had failed using this technique, because she had only lost two and a quarter stone, when her target had been two and a half stone. It was suggested she would just have to live with only losing two and a quarter stone ! )

So this 3 session program is unique, in that it works with each clients unconscious minds, so it’s designed a round each client, (a weight lose program designed a round you, your likes , dislikes, values and beliefs)  perhaps to control those urges because those urges are also unconscious to some degree, if they weren’t wouldn’t you be able to stop them and lose weight?

So this business of you having the body you desire can be made easier, whether you decide to use this 3 session better than hypnosis program to compliment any diet or weight lose plan your already on or just use it on its own (most people already know the type of foods to eat and exercise needed to lose weight ) One of the things it will do is help you discover that “once and for all state of mind” needed to lose the weight you want, in a way that allows you to think less weight….and have more… you !

Because haven’t you waited long enough !

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