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My name is John Naylor HPD and over the years I’ve had the opportunity and the privilege to work with many different and interesting people, doctors, nurses, lawyers, police men/women, sportsman, business men/women, soldiers, teachers, builders, unemployed single mums and van drivers a like (as clients) and neurologists who surprisingly or not readily use these things.

So it seems these things don’t have that much to do with intelligence, although i do believe it is the more intelligent person who takes action and uses the things that are available to him or her….. and the things i can offer come from a different type of learning, one i’ve personally learned to learn

I’ve worked independently for many years having chosen to “walk my own path” which i’d highly recommend to anyone and that means am not limited by one “school of thought” not tied to one way of thinking and perhaps more importantly to you this means i can offer a unique blend of all that’s available not just hypnosis, not just psychology, not just Nlp, not just coaching/counselling but a practical combination of all that’s available today ( why not use the best of all these things? ) and whether you think of me as an hypnotist, a psychologist, a personal coach or anything else am actually just someone who can respond to you in such a way it brings out the best in you on a personal level

This also means I can talk about the conscious mind ( your ordinary thinking mind ) and the unconscious mind ( that part of you that holds all your possibilities, abilities and solutions ) And all the different ways your unconscious mind supports what you do…. but that’s probably not something everyone can identify with easily.

Or i could simple draw your attention to an experience which you know but may have overlooked. For example when you drive your car and your attention drifts to something else entirely for a moment or two, what to have for dinner, a loved one or something much more interesting? … while you we’re actuallydriving the car ….. and yet somehow you still managed to drive with your attention somewhere else entirely at times (a complex skill if you remember the experience of first learning to drive)….. and yet somehow today your legs take care of throttle and brake, your hands and arms take care of the steering and gear change ( perhaps in a much more unconscious way than you’ve given yourself credit for ) ….an experience most people could identify with perhaps ?

So its my mission to make the “tools” and use of these things available to everyone and to banish the myth’s, out of date ideas and the secrecy. To offer an experience in which anyone can solve a problem, relax or learn…. a place where things can change easily, almost effortlessly… a place where people can call without the myths and misunderstandings of the past.

From a wider perspective many people are unaware of the academic or business uses. Such tools as “systems thinking” first promoted by Dr john grinder and others. It’s just one way of understanding “thinking” and the various “patterns” of thinking behind a successful performance, which can be applied in many different ways, in many different contexts

The way businesses and organizations are structured in some way, so are “thoughts”

Our thinking has a structure which creates patterns of behavior (performance), although the patterns and structures which make it possible and hold it together are often hidden

I’ve seen these patterns and structures grow and be applied with great success throughout different businesses and organizations. and although there’s always a natural pattern and structure in most things, it’s only recently we’ve been able to identify, understand and apply these successful patterns and structures in a much more purposeful way. Such as the thinking of the designers and computer programmers who created the modern computers built in silicon valley California back in the mid eighties and the type of thinking which also gave rise to such successes as facebook ( currently valued at 100 billion plus ) and to the less obvious structures now being applied in modern hospitals and schools.

The experiences i’ve had have given me the opportunity to study and learn the successful patterns so important in today’s competitive marketplace where structure is key. which also allows me to offer the precision often required to uncover such patterns.

Am happy to take the time to explain how these things work, Unlike many others in the profession who seem to want to keep people in the dark, personally i don’t know what that gets them? it seems important to let people know, quite often having an understanding of these things from an independent point of view is enough for some people to begin to solve a problem, shine a light on the dark,so to speak.

Overtime you do come to realise we are all unique as people but not many people stop to realise just how unique we all really are. The way no two people can have identical life experiences… So we all respond differently to different things.

Take a simple cheese sandwich, It might just mean a convenient snack to a busy plumber…. or it might mean nutrition and welcome energy to a sportsman…. or it might mean a profit to the sandwich shop owner which allows him to pay his mortgage and feed his children.

And on another level i find i don’t need to “belief” in to much, believing in this or that seems to get in the way of being able to understand. The only beliefs i do have is that the sun will rise tomorrow (whether i get to see it or not) and a strong belief in human nature which allows me to understand people do need to believe in something, whatever that may be and given where and when someone is born and given whatever was happening while they grew up it becomes more understandable some people might believe something different.

So some people want to change things quickly (hypnosis makes things happen quicker) and some just want to take their time but need someone to respond to (more of a coaching approach) while others just want to learn one or two things they can use to figure things out for themselves ( where a precision would be helpful )

Which probably explains why over the years i’ve come to see a change in the things people come in with, from seeing mostly people with some type of problem, to seeing many more people who just want better, a better experience, a better life. After all it seems wise to change or adjust a few things before they turn in to a problem. Easier to prevent something than it is to put things right. like building anything put the right foundations in place and you can build almost anything on it.

Today there is simply a vast range of tools, techniques and advancements we can now use, from personal health or advancement to the successful business structures and patterns. Long gone are the swinging watchers and “the look in to my eyes” or even the notion that someone will put you in to a trance, because as you probably already know most things can come to light in the course of a interesting conversation with your eyes open. in fact this is something you ought to have, your eyes open.

Parts of this website may have seemed a bit vague or even confusing at times, that’s because its design for you to apply your own ideas or i hope find some new ones, whether that’s now or later on now. The words themselves simply drawing your attention to something that you know but may have overlooked.

Maybe this is not something you’d ordinarily consider using or perhaps its something you’ve considered but not got a round to until now and not everyone will use these things. Some people prefer to keep everything the same, no matter what! (perhaps they’ve just been waiting for someone or something to change things for them?)

So it might seem a odd thing to suggest that the things i offer are “tools” but its important to realize hypnosis, psychology, nlp, cbt and even counselling, where all developed from human nature. Just as being able to remember the picture in your head of your front door to know what colour it is is just a part of human nature, to be curious

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