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If you are looking for a certain type of recording, weight loss, or to become smoke free etc, please feel free to enquire, other recordings can be made on request, if you don’t see what you need here.

 1. Be your own “light”  £ 7.95

From time to time it can be difficult to know what to do? and quite often its simply because we’ve taken on a little to much of other peoples thoughts and opinions (whether we know it or not)

“be your own light” is designed to clear a way other peoples stuff! Enough to “know your own mind”. In such a way you actually become more useful to the people a round you (if this is what you want)

(Relaxation/inspiration )


               2Perfect relaxation £ 7.95

Perfect moments are rare… but what if you could Find your perfect moments more often. A moment when things just shift in to place for you and become clear.

This recording will help you discover where your perfect moments are and then make them available to you much more often

( relaxation )


                3 . Electrifying cells £ 7.95

Relaxation works for most things !…. but sometimes there’s nothing else for it than to… just go for it!

This recording offers you the spark you might need, the type of energy that allows you to break through thinking and doubts



4 . Three session un-limiting program £19.95

This three session un-limiting program offers you the opportunity to release, update or soften your sense’s ( often the source of a problem or anxiety ) giving you more choice in what you do, more choice in what you think

For best results this program is designed to be used over a week or so.
( relaxation, inspiration, energy )


If you are a facebook friend and your wondering about your free download recording please select from the recordings above be your own light” “perfect relaxation” or “electrifying cells” (the one that appeals to you the most) and simply click on the email address above with your choice and the recording will be delivered to you by email (mp3)

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