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(This is where hypnosis finishes ….and becomes something brilliant ! )

Inspiration or relaxation?

Recently there has been a film made, called unlimited, the story goes a man (although there’s a feeling this could be anyone) takes a pill with the intention or at least open to the possibility of becoming un-limited. You may have heard of it? It wasn’t that his life was good or bad and he certainly didn’t want to “rule the world” he just knew like everyone there was so much more to him, so much more to life.

The “world” itself didn’t suddenly change in a flash of light and a puff of smoke! ….It just isn’t that type of thing.

But in one brief profound moment, he felt his awareness of everything grow far beyond anything he’d ever known. His eyes became able to focus with absolute clarity, his ears became able to tune in to the finest detail…. as his senses expanded and sharpened to take it all in….. he felt every cell in his body come to life as he began to make a connection to it all….. all he saw, all he felt, all he heard and yet somehow it all suddenly made perfect sense…. as his mind broke free from limits.

The world seemed to slow down around him, in such a way he found he could predict with astonishing accuracy what could happen long before it happened and with so much more time and energy he could not only see what and how things could be…. he started to make them so.

He felt an incredible sense of resilience as people began to respond to him differently, perhaps because he became able to free himself from unwanted feelings, unwanted thoughts long enough to make good effortless decisions for himself and the people a round him, as his mind began to give endless solutions (it being unlimited) the answers to everything became obvious.

He began to realize he could use skills, abilities that he had always suspected he had but hadn’t believed he could use…. as his sense of choice, of possibility, of happiness continued to grow and grow far beyond anything he’d ever expected, the world seemed to open up to him…… It was as if he had become un-limited.

As the story continued you could come to see how his life changed. you could come to hear how he became able to make good effortless decisions, you could come to feel how good it felt to become un-limited…..but of course the film and the pill are just fantasy, no pill alone could do this! (At least not without the consequences and side effects of drugs)

The truth is in reality the only real way to become unlimited is through your senses. This may seem obvious right now but everything you see, feel, hear and know relies on your sense’s ability to make “things” available to you and yet over time your eyes have learnt to see only certain thing’s, your ears have learnt to hear certain thing’s, your body as learnt to recognize certain sensations which together make you feel a certain way….. But that’s not actually all there is available to you!

For example if you remember when you were younger perhaps as a child the things you did were straight forward, easy, exciting and new. The people you met were new, the place’s you went were new and even the ideas you had were new…. ( life was easier perhaps) but that’s probably not how you feel, hear or see things today? ( your sense of things has changed )

So if there is a great opportunity in front of you today would you be able to see it, feel it or hear it?   ( can you sense it ?)

Most people have had the experience of losing their keys or mobile phone, not being able to see them in the place you left them…. and yet sometime later it can be quite a surprise and difficult understand when you find them exactly in a place you had searched many times earlier? perhaps they had been right in front of your eyes all a long ? and yet something had made you think differently?… or if you’ve ever seen a child fall down and there’s that moment or two while he/she figures out whether it hurts or not….. or if you’ve ever gone to open a door and eventually noticed it opened the other way?….. or if you’ve ever been walking down the street and out of the blue you noticed some money lying on the ground and you had to look twice not quite believing what your eyes we’re telling you at first ? (it was a surprise to the sense’s perhaps ?)….. It takes a moment or two for us to “get the message”

That’s because our senses “process” or regulate information for us ( the real experience) and then make us aware of just a limited part of what’s actually available to us. ( the real experience ) the things you’ve focused on, Certain body sensations, the things you’ve tuned in to, the things you’ve picked up on etc  ( They also feed us information which trigger thoughts, ideas and memories )

This explains why people sometimes have the feeling there is more or their missing out on something? “sensing” there is more but not quite being able to put a finger on it.

The science of it

Our sense’s simply act as “filters” filtering out what they’ve (your sense’s) have learnt not to expect, that’s why the unexpected can be a surprise, relief or opportunity. Meaning that the unexpected isn’t good or bad (especailly if you’ve been limited by something ) it just means you’ve become use to expecting certain thing’s, perhaps without knowing it ? ….a limited part of a real experience

Our sense’s learn much quicker than we do and often without us knowing!

(This could be anything? a spider, people, a place, anything.)

Consider the way someone’s senses learn a response to (for example) a spider at an early age…. and yet today while he/she’s no longer a child and he/she is no longer startled by the unknown eight legged creature. He knows what it is today and he also knows it could be crushed quite easily by a fully grown adult and Yet somehow he/she feels compelled to run?…”something just tells him to”

So he’s obviously not responding to what’s possible, he’s responding to what his sense’s tell him. An old response which his senses learned all those years ago, causing him/her to act in a way that doesn’t make sense, given what he knows today.

( The truth is we’re hardly ever responding to reality itself, no matter how “real” we think things are )

He has an old response to a new experience, even though things have changed (and that’s a useful thing to notice) he/she still feels compelled to behave the way he/she did…. not the way he is actually capable of today.

( While it’s good to have a childlike curiosity it’s not necessary to behave like a child )

The quality of your experience of anything, including life depends on your sense’s ability to make choice and opportunity available to you ( allowing you to hear, see and feel things differently )

Our senses tend to give us the way it was not the way it is… or could be? That’s why we sometimes do things we can’t explain but feel compelled to do. They can sometimes simply become “set” or even distorted along the way.

Our senses don’t update themselves.

Of course we can and do rely on our senses for all kinds of things and thats the way it should be. We have a sense of time and of space, we have a sense about people etc. you just know these things without words and you probably already have a good sense of whether this is useful to you or not, you can and should trust your “senses” for all kinds of things.

And of course some people have more sense than others. Sports men, business people, creative people, people considered wise or genius, develop their senses in extraordinary ways. They have a good sense of what is possible which allows them to do what they can do.

“Beyond hypnosis is the best way I know of refreshing, updating and un-limiting your senses in such a way you can get closer to a more real experience” john Naylor Hpd 

So relaxation or inspiration ?

Beyond hypnosis can also be used for pure relaxation, like a mind spa!….Because there’s no easier way to relax than when you have a relaxing choice from your sense’s, the way there’s no real problems when you have an easier choice.

And because when we’re born, we’re born in a naturally unlimited state, a blank slate, we know nothing, no good no bad, no up no down, no cares no concerns, no stress, no anxiety, no limits, all that stuff is learnt along the way….

And that’s why all the relaxation you need, all the opportunity you need, all the possibility you need is within your senses, within what you see, feel and hear…. but the way our senses work for us is an unconscious thing and that’s why when you use beyond hypnosis you become able to relax, release or soften your senses in such a way you and life becomes un-limited.

Up until now it’s been about unlimiting yourself from todays unwanted limits ( real or imagined ) enabling you to notice some of the choices, opportunities and possibilities that there really are……but what if you could go further to where all choice, all opportunity, all possibility began to blend together in to one flow of sense and feeling, a timeless, endless, limitless, place of sensation and feeling that becomes more compelling the more you feel it… it simply sweeps everything else a way…

Of course these words can only give you a glimpse of something you could experience. So whether you want to become un-limited and see, feel and hear what’s really there or go further….

Theres probably no need to have a free consualtation but…..

07070 331741. john

For anyone interested in becoming un-limited but prefer not to make an appointment, please see the download recordings page for a selection of beyond hypnosis recordings.

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