Stop Smoking!

The best & easiest way to quit Smoking with better than hypnosis

Help with stopping smoking is easier with hypnosis. Its proven when you use hypnosis to quit smoking it becomes easier to overcome the smoking habit. If you choose to give up smoking, research shows how you can increase willpower (amongst other thing’s, see what’s better than hypnosis? ) and beat the smoking habit. If you decide to quit smoking theres no better way to become free from smoking and overcome the cigarette addiction than using hypnosis. Most people when ready to quit smoking and need help to control the habit think of nicotine replacements or traditional hypnosis …but now you also have the choice of better than hypnosis a more effective way for when you want or need to stop smoking. It’s widely considered The best way to give up cigarettes and to become smoke free is to use a combination, as with all unconscious habits, (you want to stop smoking but you’ve found it a difficult habit to control ) the most successful way to deal with the smoking habit is to deal with it on different levels.

1 Deal with the psychological habit of smoking with better than hypnosis.

2 Use a nicotine replacement to take care of the physical nicotine withdrawal of smoking. (quite often this second step isn’t necessary)

From time to time every smoker thinks about quitting. Perhaps motivated by health, cost or perhaps something else, like just the fact so many people have already quit, so you might of ended up smoking alone and whether you think this is a good thing or not really depends on how sociable you are. Or perhaps motivated by the possibility of cancer, which we’re reminded of daily on TV and every time you pick up a packet, with those horrific pictures of cancerous cells, which most people have somehow managed to ignore. Or perhaps its something as simple as the smell, the smell on your cloths, the smell on your breath. And of course there’s the effect it has on your appearance too.

Or maybe your just one of those people who doesn’t know why they do it anymore? a habit you might of grown out of. And perhaps there’s the thought of your kids smoking? after all they do learn from mum and dad and can you really tell them not to, if you do?

The fact is as teenagers we believe we’re indestructible and that these things will never happen to us, that that day will never come, so you can put it off, can’t you and no one can talk you out of it either. Because being reminded and knowing all the reasons to quit smoking isn’t enough on it’s own, as many people find out.

That’s why it has to be your own choice and your own personal reasons and you really need to know when its your time, the time for you to become free from smoking.

But when is a good time and what would motivate you to know its your time?

because knowing the right time now makes breaking the smoking habit easier, it also makes it your choice !

Some people stop even though they still enjoy smoking, others decide to quit because they realize what they use to get from it just isn’t there anymore. If you’ve smoked for many years you may have already realized what you got out of it all those years ago has changed. when you started you where a lot younger and different things we’re important to you, different things mattered to you back then, if you remember the teenage you and compare him/her to the grown up, adult you ?

One of the reasons people smoke is because they believe it relaxes them ? but the truth is smoking causes your body to work harder. It actually makes your lungs work harder and puts a strain on your heart and of course it puts chemicals in to your blood stream which your body has to deal with. So its a psychological relaxation, not a real one. So what if you could relax or do what you want to do without cigarettes? In reality you’d be able to relax better because your body wouldn’t be working so hard, it wouldn’t have to deal with the effects of smoking. There are lots of products out there which can help you with the physical withdrawal of nicotine but they won’t help you with the psychological habit of smoking.

So How does using better than hypnosis to become smoke free make the difference ?

When willpower alone isn’t enough

By nature “habits” are unconscious, the way you might have “found yourself doing the same old thing” and asked yourself “why do i keep doing this ?” So an unconscious habit has to be changed unconsciously !

(It should be understood that better than hypnosis isn’t one set way, it is designed a round each client)

For example, when do you know when to have one? something has to happen in your brain to know when. The way many people can spend time at work or somewhere else and not think about having one for hours, the thought never crosses their mind. So how do you know when? do you become aware of a certain taste or do you see a cigarette (in your mind) or is it something else? there has to be a trigger, an unconscious trigger, something that gives you the urge (the bit your aware of) that cause’s you to want one (by reading this and asking you to think about the “trigger” you’ll probably be wanting a cigarette now or in a short while ) so what if you could reduce or even remove the unconscious “trigger” you simply wouldn’t know when to have one? so you probably wouldn’t

Of course it’s good to realize quitting smoking is one of life’s obstacles which you may need or want to overcome, sooner or later, And if you just see it that way you can be successful… but the truth is after becoming free from smoking with better than hypnosis most people become motivated to overcome other obstacles they may face from time to time because beating the smoking habit becomes an example, for anything else you want to do in life !

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