Neuro Dynamics

“An architect looks at an empty space and sees houses, gardens, pathways and many other imaginative things, which other people don’t see, today you can gain the skill of an architect and design your own experience, and begin to see something more worthwhile”

We simply do the best we can with what we “know”

so wouldn’t you like to know better?

Psychology has long since known we learn and develop unconscious “patterns” consistent patterns which act like “tools” tools which get us something.

For example the next time you’re talking to someone try asking them “what’s the colour of your front door? And just watch where their eyes go. Do their eyes look up? Or do they seem to defocus for a moment? That’s because in order to answer the question they need to “make a picture” in their head of their front door. Actually their brain did it for them automatically

The interesting thing is they probably wouldn’t be aware of how they did it, how they used their brain to get the answer ( in this case by making a picture ) but the thing is we all do this kind of thing, in all kinds of different ways…. and it’s how we do it that makes all the difference! Or to be precise how our brains do it.

Our brains can and do take care of all kinds of things for us, much more than we care to realize. Take a moment while you read this, what sound can you now hear in the background? Cars going by outside, is the TV or radio on, people chatting?  But where was that background sound while you we’re reading? Before your attention was drawn to it? Of course your ears we’re “picking it up” and your brain was monitoring it for you. If someone had called your name it (your brain) would have made you aware.

Your brain is simply monitoring the environment, what you see and hear, and what you feel, as in warmth, coolness or any other sensations you can recognize. It “monitors” the enviroment until there is something of importance to you, something that interest’s you perhap’s Which allows you to do whatever you need or want to do without having to pay to much attention to it, and which allows you to pay attention to reading this, for one thing 🙂

So what does a great leader, business man/woman, sportsman or anyone with a skill or ability you admire pay attention to? What does he/she see, hear and feel? And what does he allow his brain to take care of? And perhaps most interestingly, how does his brain take care of it?

We don’t usaully stop to think about these things but for example how do some people make good decisions easily or do something exceptionally without effort, while others don’t?

Until now most of this has happened outside of our awareness, without us having much choice in it…. but today with the precision tools of nlp, psychology and advance,neuro, dynamics, we can discover and “model” any skill or ability and make it available to anyone ready to learn at an unconscious level, where these things work best. Or we can identify and promote your own successful patterns, something you already do well and want to do exceptionally

Because with today’s understanding of how these things work you could begin to use your brain in so many more ways, in ways its designed to be used and begin to allow it to do what it really can do for you. (afteral who’s brain is it?) leaving you to think of better things while it takes care of all the things it can do. The basis of any skill !

Just as now there’s no real need for you to understand any of this because if you stop and really think about it, what your actually looking at is just a bunch of marks on a screen!… And yet somehow you still make sense out of it and know what it means to you and that’s just another way your brain can take care of something for you, so what else do you want to become good, great or exceptional at?

(specific business/sports programs can be designed to individual requirements)

also see john naylor HPD

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