hypnotherapy nottingham

Hypnotherapy Nottingham.

Hello, and welcome! This is better than hypnosis, hypnotherapy Nottingham. The best combination of all that is available today.

But If that alone doesn’t spark your curiosity, or cause you to feel compelled to sing and dance about hypnotherapy in Nottingham, and you have some purpose in mind, Such as, quitting smoking, weight loss, the relief of a unwanted drinking habits, overcoming personal anxiety, stress or depression, being able to sleep better, or perhaps finding relief from some physical condition, such as ibs, or other conditions, ¬†feel welcome as you read.

Of course, you reading this doesn’t necessarily mean you have a problem, or that you would like to solve or improve some particular difficulty, or that you will find what you are looking for here. ūüôā perhaps you would just like to learn some things which will make your life great, such as Cbt or mindfulness or meditation.

Perhaps you’re just someone open to the possibilities,¬†which free your mind from everyday limits, restrictions and beliefs, and which¬†make life great?¬†

Possibilities, that you probably “sense” or¬†feel from time to time, ¬†but haven’t yet had the opportunity to truely connect with,¬†grasp and use.¬†

It is good to remember as you read this is just a website, which won’t change anything for you, it certainly won’t change your life! after all how could what you are reading be for you? ¬†It’s just a website promoting the services and immeasurable skills of an therapist¬†who goes by the name of john Naylor Hpd.

So instead, you may prefer to enhance your skills in sport/business/academic or life. In a way that allows you to become more able to reach your true potential, if so, again feel welcome.

Of course you don’t need to have anything in mind and yet still be curious¬†about hypno-therapy and all the other “tools” we can offer ? such as mindfulness and mediation or even cognitive behavioral therapy.

And that is the difference,¬†not all hypno-therapists are the same. The way not all doctors are the same. Some offer a better experience, not necessarily just “techniques” which can be applied to your problem.

Some offer an experience which leads to greater knowledge and choice.

 So what makes this better than hypnosis ?

Most people have seen an hypnotist on TV or a stage show. Derran Brown perhaps, with his “trick of the mind” or Paul Mckenna with his trademark “I can make you” which either scares or fascinates you. The fact that you can just walk in, sit down, close your eyes and after a short time become able to do what you thought you couldn’t do? That approach certainly interests many people. But if that doesn’t appeal to you, it might be good for you to know, in reality, we all have a conscious mind, the bit your using right now to understand what these words mean to you. You also have an unconscious mind – that being all your instincts, intuitions and natural abilities…. continue?

My name is John Naylor Hpd full time therapist for some 18 years. ¬†And over this time I’ve come to realise just how unique we all are, perhaps more than most. Which means I understand many people want to change things quickly with hypnosis, while others prefer to take the opportunity¬†to change things a little slower. Some people just need someone to respond to in a useful way with more of a counselling/coaching approach, while others just want to learn one or two things, such as mindfulness or Cbt. Insights they can use to figure things out for themselves, at a pace that suits.

So, you might call me a ” psychologist ” although some people call me a mentor or life coach while other people call me a “hypnotist” and sometimes they don’t but whatever you call me (personally I find being called a “guru” very interesting ) am actually just someone whose studied, learnt and practised these tools for many years and can offer them to anyone for any purpose


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Hypnotherapy Nottingham